Nature helps to heal our spirit, our emotions.

For the past six years, I have been using young living essential oils, pure extract from plants: flowers, leaves, trees, fruits…I use it to assist me in my own spirit healing journey.

I like waking up an diffusing citrusy scents, such as pure lemon or orange essen
tial oils.  This helps me to start a good, new day.

During the day, I love to wear valor oil on my body.  It is also called ‘the Courage in a bottle’.  Or … frankincense, called ‘the King of essential oils’, highly regarded during Biblical times.  Yes, this is one of the oils, and gifts brought to baby Jesus, by 3 Kings in Bethelem.

In the evening, I love to peacefully complete my day, by smelling peace and calming essential oil or lavender*.  Sweet dreams…

*if you are curious to try your own essential oils, you can get them from here.