“Thank you very much for the wonderful angel card reading. You gave me some amazing insight especially with my health. You told me I needed more oxygen. Two weeks later I found out I had two cardiac blockages each 80% causing a lack of oxygen.

I had always felt connected to Michael the Archangel and Raphael the Archangel and you were able to confirm they were around me and supporting me. But I really loved how you told me how I could connect more with my angels every day.

Thank you so much Roza for this wonderful session.

Blessing to you!”

Judy Colombrito |  New Jersey, U.S.A.

“I would recommend an Angel session to everyone because every person can improve their life, once they realize what’s missing, and how they can improve it.

I see the value in having an Angel session with Roza Alicja as an opportunity to see my own life from a different perspective. I realized, during the session, that some of my own habits and the way I speak, do not serve my highest purpose. And with the new information, I feel now empowered to change my life for the better.“

Marzena Swietlik | Mississauga, Canada

“I did not know what to expect, as it was my first experience with Angel card reading. After the session… I felt much more calm and confident in my thoughts and decisions.

I loved the feeling of love and care – that you feel throughout the session – as if you’re having conversation with somebody that truly wants your best at heart. The advice is quite concrete but you truly feel like you’re in charge of your own destiny.

I will highly recommend Alicja’s service, as she is a very warm and caring, always available for a good advice or even caring word or conversation.’

Joanna T | Toronto, Canada

“The Angel card reading gave me a lot of compassion and understanding. I did not expected that. I thought the reading will tell me what is best things to do, but the message had many choices and guidance in details. Because the detailed guidance, I can follow them easily with my own choice.

I felt confident to do what I want to do and I am feeling I can do it. The message was so loving, and I feel happier after the reading because I felt my guides are helping me to heal myself with their compassion.

I definitely recommend Alicja’s angel reading because it’s not telling you what is right thing to do, the readings showed me a lot of reasons why I am stagnated, and showed me how to fix my problem, by fixing the cause. The reading told me a lot of details about the meaning of the card and Alicja interpreted it to suit my personal situations, with love and compassion.”

Hiroko | Australia

“I was unfamiliar with card readings and not sure if an on-line reading would be generate any value. I know Alicja through a trusted mutual network so I thought I’d give it a try. I specifically liked Alicja’s caring approach. We didn’t meet in person, but her energy of caring and wanting the best for you as the seeker radiated through.

I have noticed more awareness in my thoughts and feelings after the reading. I’ve taken more time to reflect on those thoughts instead of letting them fleet by. Many of the recurring thoughts I’ve had were confirmed through the reading so it’s helped me process what I’ve been feeling for a long time.

Would you recommend Alicja’s services? – Yes.”

Taketha, Lome, Togo | Study Abroad Service Provider

What specific aspect of Angel reading did you like best? – The depth of the reading and the fact that you gave practical steps that I could take each day to achieve my dreams with the support from above. I feel more deeply supported by the angels/universe.

Would you recommend my service and why? – “Yes. I was surprised by how deeply your reading resonated with me. I am going a bit of a health crisis due to self-neglect, so to suddenly have the need for self-care and healing presented to me so clearly was very helpful. I thought your reading gave lots of insight and guidance that was very relevant to my situation and would recommend your readings to others. THANK YOU!!!!!”

Belle | Bristol, UK

“It was fun and lighthearted, but also serious at the same time. I thought it matched up quite well with my own personal intuition and goals. I really enjoyed it! I’d recommend Roza for an angel reading – she was thoughtful and asked great questions that really got me thinking.”

Denise | USA

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