Privacy Policy 

What information do you collect?

If you contact us via the website contact form or the newsletter sign-up form, you will let us know your name and email address. This is stored by Mailchimp.
If you make a booking for an Intuitive Angel Session, a course, an Intuitive Life Coaching session or Consultation (floral or essential oils), then we will require additional information in order to be able to keep in contact with you, especially if you require directions. This will be your name, email address, home address, and a telephone number. This is written in a ledger in the secure office.

Who is collecting it?

The information is collected by

How will you use people’s private info?

The information is used to send you a newsletter which will keep you updated with the available offers at

Will you share it with anyone else?

We have no need to share your information with a third party. If it was deemed beneficial to you that a third party make contact with you, then we would forward their details to you.

What about payment details?

All online payments are made through paypal so any information required for the transaction is stored on their site. It will not be stored on our local computers or downloaded in any format.
If you choose to pay by bank transfer, then we do not receive your bank details.
If you choose to pay by cheque then we record your name and the cheque amount on the deposit slip which then goes to the bank and we keep no record of your banking details. 

Is what you’re going to do likely to cause any complaints?

In the unlikely event that you disagree with any of our policies pertaining to the processing of your personal data, please bring it to our attention.

And if I choose to unsubscribe?

Then your details will be erased from our Mailchimp database.