Hello!  How are you? – I trust all is well in your life.

We have calendar spring 2022 this week in our gardens.  Spring reminds us of resilience – look at some of the spring flowers making their way through hard soil, snow and grass into the sun and fresh air.  Spring equals new life and new beginning.  And, spring flowers are so lovely!  After harsh winter they are brave to show up to the world.

To plant your own spring garden, you don’t need a big garden.  You can plant them on your balcony, a pot near your window.  It’s called urban flower gardening.  Here, are some photos with spring flowers in Saltash, UK, where I welcome this 1st Day of Spring.

We all wish PEACE for Ukraine, for Europe.  What can you and I do to help in current situation?

Dalai Lama once said that if all children before the age of 6 will meditate daily on Peace, for 10 minutes, there will be no more wars.  Just PEACE on earth.

How does meditation or visualization for PEACE work?  When we meditate on Peace, we summon the peaceful energy.  This energy can be send over to Ukraine now, for peace & protection.  It can be send to Europe, to Russia (for the change of hearts and minds), to our planet.

Your choices of action may be limited—but your choices of thought are not.’ – Abraham Hicks

Love, peace & thank you.


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