Have you wondered HOW to connect with Angels?  

So, to make things easier for you, I will tell you a short answer:  Just Ask them to come.  Now.  And they will…

You and every human being, who lives on planet Earth right now, have 2 Guardian Angels.

First Angel, stays “in the back”, and his/her energy is so subtle that you probably don’t even detect easily.

angel-108859_1920Your Second Guardian Angel, is more easily ‘felt’ by you during your life time.  His,her energy is stronger and he plays the role of the more ‘dominant’ energy kind of Angel, in your life.

Both of your Guardian Angels are always with you and because of the free will that you have, they don’t interrupt with your life, unless:

  • your life is in danger and then they want to warn you of that, or
  • you ask them for advice, guidance, insight regarding any specific situation in your life.

So, how to connect with them? – Just say (in your mind or aloud) – ‘Angels, can I feel your presence now?  Please come’.  Or you can also call them with only one word ‘Angels!’.  They will feel your intention, which is to connect with them, and they WILL somehow show their presence to you.

You may walk on the street and see a coin on the floor – pick it up!  Check the year, in which the coin was made.  Ask yourself:  ‘what happened in your life then?  and how it resonates with you and your current situation right now?’  You will get some insight.  Try…

statue-400382_1920Also, look for the feathers, on the floor, around you…Feathers are the sign that your Angels are near.  They may be calling your attention to do something.  Once I read something that Paulo Cohelo wrote about his writing, that he starts writing his new book, when he sees a feather on the floor.  To him, this is a sign from his Angels and Heaven that he is ready as a writer to give birth to his new book.

WHEN is a good time to connect with your Angels?

The short answer is:  anytime you feel like you want it.  The long answer is:  when you feel lonely, confused, needing affection and sign from Heaven that you ARE loved and cherished.  When you had a bad day or someone disrespected you.  When you feel like this world you live in, does not make any sense to you, anymore.  You got the idea, right?

Remember, that no matter what form of connection you use and when you choose to do it, connecting with your Angels is connecting with Heaven, with All that is, which people call G-o-d, with LOVE.

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