Sometimes I’m being asked:

What is the difference between Angels and Spirit Guides?  

Angels are heavenly Creatures, messengers of G-d, who have not lived on Earth before.  They are in the pure spirit form.Spirit guides, on the other hand, lived before as humans here, on earth.  Now, back in the spiritual realm, they look after their loved ones here.  They do understand all the details of earthly existence and they often offer a practical advice, related to these matters.

An example of a Spirit Guide would be your grandmother, who did died – sometimes even before you were born – and now she takes a role of being your spirit guide in this lifetime.

I believe that we all participate in being a spirit guide to someone we love, once we make our own transition into the non-phisical.

How do you know if the loving advice I’m receiving comes from my Angels or my Guides?

Angels’ advice feels more heavenly, more – from G-d like – advice.  It is pure, loving and highly spiritual in nature.  It is always non-judgemental and pure.

Advice coming from our spirit guide also is very loving in nature, but we can sense it as coming from a human, how loves us very much as oppose a ‘spiritual creature’.  We feel it as coming from a highly evolved in LOVE human being.

So, there is a difference.  It is a subtle difference, but if you are sensitive to energy, you will easily recognize it.

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