When Angels are among us, they like to show their presence through signs.  One of the signs that ‘Angels are here’, is seeing their picture, or statue.  12991819_1403824146300415_2101865403_o

In my own home, I have several of those signs, in form of statue of grace Angel, my own watercolours with Angels wings.  If you are visiting a friend’s home see, if they are any Angels signs there – if you spot a painting or statue of an Angel, it is a sure sign, that Angels visit that home often.

There is one special Angel store in the world:  “An Angel beside you”, run by Patricia Anne Haley, in UK, in West Yorkshire.  It ships Angels world-wide, including to Canada, U.S.A., and Australia.  Also, on facebook as fan page.

At ‘an Angel beside you’, you will find all kinds of signs of Angels presence:  statues, pictures, bigger and 13000572_1403823742967122_232244156_osmaller, or as candle holders.  Also, Angel classes and readings by professionals in this domain.

I invite you to visit it on line, write a note to Patricia and see if there is any Angel in human-made artistic form that you may enjoy for yourself or as a gift for your loved one.

** the pictures here, are of Angels from an Angel beside you shop.