Peaceful sleep at night works miracles during day.  Talking to friends and clients and observing my own life, I found those 3 things to help having a peaceful night sleep:

  •  Having an active, healthy life style during the day.  It looks like having plenty of exercise outside, while breathing fresh air.  Drinking lot of clean, fresh water.  Eating less, no more.
  • Finishing in our mind all difficult subjects, problems at least 3 hours before going to bed.  Just stop thinking about them, giving yourself plenty of time before going to bed.  And instead, read an inspiring book (my current read is a book by Elizabeth Gilbert:  “Big Magic”.  Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of “Eat, pray, love” and I find her style to be uplifting, positive and easy-going.cedarwood
  • Smelling your favorite essential oil that promotes peaceful mind and good night sleep.  My favorite are young living lavender, peace and calming, cedarwood essential oils.  For more information about visit here.