NEW YEAR 2022!  2+2+2=6 a year of Healing.

6 in numerology represents Healing.  To heal we need to let go of the old energy which does not serve us anymore.

A great way to start new year 2022 is to declutter.  Try this:  During 9 days, give away, donate to charity or toss it out 27 items.  Each day 27 items.  You’ll take out old energy from your home, your office, your purse, your bookshelf, your closet.  Something which has completed its purpose in your life.  You’ll clean your energy field by doing so. In return, you’ll make a space for something totally NEW.  New love, new health, new job, new business clients and business growth, new friends.

I have tried this method for the first time this year.  Every day, I will write on a clean piece of paper Day 1, or 2, or 3 ….up to day 9.  Below I would make a list of 27 items, I am giving away this day.  At the beginning it was relatively easy to find such items in my home:  empty packages, expired cosmetics, few books, unmatched socked, couple of pairs of shoes.  Then towards the day 7, 8 and 9, I really had to be creative in finding such items.  My kitchen supplied empty jars, which I took to the local store, where previously I would purchase made soups.  (note:  I’m typing this post in Poland, where it is easy to give away empty jars for recycle to the people who provide food, filling up those jars).

I’ve now completed my 9 days challenge and I feel wonderful!!  My next 9 days cleanse will be around July this year, as I am planning to do it twice a year.  As well, I made promise to myself to only purchase items replacing the ones I have at home.  For example, I promise myself that in 2022 I’ll only buy new shoes if I am replacing a pair at home, so one pair out for one pair new.

Minimalism in consumption of produced goods, often with some form of plastic is a necessity for a clean planet.  We all consume way too many items, which later on end up in garbage.  Many of them don’t decompose for years if ever.  Healing starts with healing the planet and environment, in which we live.  We all benefit from living a clean, clutter free, and happy life.

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Namaste!  Love & thank you, Roza