how are you?  are you in the mood to create something inspiring on your computer, tablet?

What is the book that you’re currently reading?

Here I am, in the library.  One of my favourite libraries in the world – Mimico library in Etobicoke Ontario Canada.  It is May 2024.  Outside the library window stands tall a beautiful Canadian tree.  The sun is shining bright and the freshness of the green colour on the leaves and grass looks amazing!

I am doing some paper work here in the library and reading this book:  Cut Flower Growing, by Marianne Slater.  It feels wonderful to be here today.

As well, I am preparing notes for an e-course which Stephanie Anderson and I are co-creating, ‘6 oils to heal a broken heart’.  Based on the ebook we co wrote this Valentine’s day.  Link to the ebook is here.

let me know how your creative projects are coming along for you?
wishing you a beautiful spring!

Roza Alicja