Clarity and Purpose.

Two important elements in life to feel sustainable happiness and contentment.


Having clarity helps to know what is our next step in life.

When we are confused, we are stuck.  We don’t move forward because we don’t know what’s our next step.

Confusion can be very helpful – why?  Because it gives us time to decide.  When we are confused we tend to take longer to complete something.  We are giving ourselves the time to think, to analyze, to feel it.


Purpose in life. Purpose in doing something, like one activity.  Purpose in making a decision.  Purpose in having this relationship.

Having purpose in something helps us to move forward, to do things, to make decisions towards certain goal.

For me, anything to do with flowers, in an eco friendly way is my purpose of being here.

When we don’t feel the purpose we don’t feel the energy aligned to motivate us to do it.  We postpone doing it.    We procrastinate.  Not a nice feeling sometimes.

Do you agree?

How do you find clarity and purpose in your life?  – comment below please, thank you.

English garden in Cornwall. Spring flowers in a small container.

Spring flowers. Their purpose is to catch some sun, to grow and to create seeds or grow bulbs for new flowers.