‘I Can Do It!’ – Hay House Conference in Toronto, Canada May 21 & 22, 2016

To feel inspired is to spend time with people, who we consider our role model in something they do.   People we truly admire for who they are, and what their message is to to the world.

This is what being at the Hay House conference feels like to me.  Here is something, I would like to share with you, from the conference:

Brendon Burchard’s 5 Personal ‘Must’s to Reach for Success & High Performance:

One:  I must raise my ambitions and refuse to settle.

We all settle for less than we truly desire, in some form or shape.  Yet, if we want to reach success and next level of whatever we desire in our lives, we cannot settle.  And we must raise our ambitions.

Many people resent the word ‘must’, myself included.  However, ‘must’ here is something necessary to achieve greater success, next level in our level, in desired field.

Two:  I must live each day with more intention.

When we are not showing up with our presence, daily, we are not showing up.  How can you expect to achieve a greater level of success, if you are not showing up for your life?

Three:  I must no longer fear rejection.

The true data shows, that only 1 in 100 of our interaction with others, gets us negative response.  Also, that 1 in 1000 facebook or social media responses is negative.  So, imagine, if you are doing any kind of presence of yourself or your business on internet…and for every 1000 positive feedback comments, you get only 1 negative.  Will you allow it to affect you?

If yes, you are fearing the rejection.  And yet, in order to be successful, you must no longer fear it.

How to become more immune to rejection?  – it is by getting help, from counsellor, therapist, life coach.

Four:  I must face my fear and jump in.

Common sense is not common practise.  Unless the fear is rational (life saving in this moment), we must jump into it.

It is being said that before something great in our life, like a desired change, there is always fear.  We must face it and jump into it.

Five:  I must refocus and get more committed.
What helps you with being committed?  – Find something you love.  When someone needs you.

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