Hi there it is March gloomy weather here close to the Atlantic ocean.

I’m here working and in free time creating a book. What it takes to write a book? It takes inspiration, strong will, courage, and consistent work.

With so many books out there, is this book needed?  I believe that every book has its own readers.  The book writing is corporative project, which I’m doing with my friend Iwona.  It’s a huge learning curve for both of us since we have to learn everything and many things we need to do by ourselves such as book formatting choosing the right platform for self publishing, choosing the right phones, which is an open, ended font, choosing our dedication in our thank you note at the end of the book.

It is a lot of fun. Let me tell you! I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own I think.  But with Iwona help, the book will be completed. Here is a blur from our book, see if it makes you inspired, wanting to read the full story:

Book: ‘The vines of Romance’


Anne, a young Canadian artist, travels to Tuscany to study at a renowned school of art. While taking a stroll in the picturesque countryside, she meets Fabien, a ruggedly handsome Italian winemaker who is immediately infatuated with her. Despite their language barrier, Fabien is determined to pursue Anne, even inviting her to lunch. But Anne is hesitant, having heard rumors of Italian men’s casual flings. However, as she learns more about Fabien’s past, including his role as a single dad to a 10-year-old daughter, Anne begins to reconsider her initial impression of him. As their relationship deepens, Anne must navigate cultural differences and her own insecurities about the age gap between them. Will their love story be a fleeting summer romance or a lasting connection?

( copyrighted Iwona Cornwall and Roza Low)


near Looe, Corwall England