Hello there!  Can I ask you what’s your favourite novel? – and why?

Mine is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin.  I love it because of the beautiful and inspiring story.  I love the character of Lizzy who was a Woman ahead of her times in her way of thinking and doing things in life.  And of course, I am in love – always – with Mr. Darcy.  He is my Hero.

My friend Ivona Cornwall and I are completing our first romance novel called ‘ Vines of Romance’.  The action of our book takes place in picturesque Tuscany, somewhere between Pisa and Florence in Italy, in a little town called Casole d’Elsa.  The book is based on true events.  Stay tuned for more details.

Here, enjoy the photos of the Atlantic Ocean and the fisherman town near by Looe, in Cornwall.  This is where I went for a walk today.

love & thank you.



near the Atlantic – Cornwall