Have you ever wonder WHY Angels are with us here?

They could be spending their time differently in Heaven, yet…they choose to be among us, near us, ready to help us every single time we ask for their help.  Why?

I think some of the reasons, Angels are so near us, on earth, is because they LOVE us!

Angels are pure, celestial beings, messengers of God.  And because God is Love, Angels are pure Love too.

When we love somebody, we want to be near that person, protect him/her, offer guidance, assistance care, our time and energy – unconditionally.  This is how unconditional love looks like, to us humans.

And Angels, being made of love, so non-judgmental and pure, offer same actions (and more!) from their perspective to us.  This is why they love us, are near us, protect us, offer guidance, reassurance, and … never get tired of it.13010150_1403823562967140_1477992692_o

I often receive emails or verbal messages from clients, who once set their goal to contact and communicate with their own Guardian Angels.  It is amazing, how easy it is to contact these Celestial beings.  All we need to do, is to ask because our Angels are always ready and available for
loving communication with us humans.  They are always ready to show their presence in our life, in positive way.

TODAY:   take 5-10 minutes for yourself, a quiet time.  Sit back in your chair, on your bed, somewhere totally at peace.  Close your eyes.  Think of your own Guardian Angels.  Ask them in your mind to ‘come to you’, so you can feel their presence.

Then ask a question.  And listen, listen, listen…with your heart.  You will hear a subtle voice of intuition whispering to you their words.  Or you may feel it in your heart – the answer.

Let me know, in your comment or email  (askalicja-at-yahoo.com) how this experience has been for you.  Thank you!