Travelling in the time and space in our human existence, we meet on our path many people. It happens that with some of them we feel from the start a strong sense of trust, ease and we enjoy spending our time together. Our conversations with that person are easy, too, they just flow naturally. Such person is called our ‘kindred spirit’. Usually good friends, mother and daughter having a good relationship are kindred spirits to each other.

There are also those among close to our hearts people in our life, with whom we feel we have a very special connection. When we look into their eyes, we know that they are soulmates. In Spanish we call them ‘media de naranja’ (translation: half of the orange), in Polish ‘druga polowka mojego jablka’ (translation: second half of my apple). The term ‘soulmate’ is the most common international name for a person who is very closely and deeply connected to us.

The amount of time we spend with the other person does not determine whether they are our soulmate or not. We can meet someone today and know and feel that they are in fact our soulmate. Our soulmate is always someone with whom we share special bound: emotionally, physically, mentally and on the spirit level; with whom we feel deeply connected. She or he is the person, with whom we interact to learn many important life lessons.

Many of us believe that we can only meet one soulmate, one such person in this lifetime. Is this true? To our benefit, it is not true – we can meet several soulmates in our lifetime. For those of us, who loved and had been with someone who they felt she or he was their soulmate, there is always another chance for meeting another soulmate, too, with whom we can share deep love, bounding, trust and authentic real relationship. Therefore, there is always a chance of meeting another soulmate.

How to meet our soulmate? It begins with a clear intention. It is good to specify whom we would like to meet as our soulmate? – a romantic mate, a child, a friend? For example, if our intention is to meet our romantic partner as our soulmate in this lifetime, it is good to say an affirmation (in the present tense): I know meet my romantic soulmate who loves and respects me and I love and respect him/her, in return. She or he is free and available to form a loving, monogamous relationship with me, now. I attract my soulmate, NOW’. (monogamous relationship is based on loyalty and being exclusive to each other as love partners). The reason it is important to stay clearly our affirmation about whom we want to attract, because Life hears us and delivers to us precisely what we are asking for.

We can also ourselves whether we want to attract a younger soul, same age soul or more mature soul? Attracting a more mature soul will provide us with ‘a teacher’ from whom we will learn many important life lessons. Attracting and being with same age soul can mirror to us many of our own qualities, good and those we wish to change. Being with a younger soul can be very rewarding, since we will be the teacher helping that soul to growth and develop important life qualities, such as courage, self-love, soul responsibilities.

Age or maturity of soul is not being counted in human years. It is established based on overall maturity of the soul of a person, how many lives (physical and nonphysical it has lived, et cetera. For example, a person may be 38 years young (old) in human terms but as a soul could have lived already 927 human existences. Such soul may be consider a mature soul and want to attract a younger soul as their soulmate to share the knowledge and experience gained from living so many lifetimes.

When we formulate and set forward our clear intention to meet our soulmate, we become magnetic to such soul. Our soul will start to radiate a clear and specific light that becomes visible to other souls, our potential soulmates. The soul that is most aligned with the life lessons and growth we plan to accomplish at any given point in time will come closer to us. Such soul will enter our own magnetic field. This is when some people have the precognition, or strong feeling of intuition telling them that are about to meet that someone special in their life.

After the mutual understanding and agreement we (I and my attracted soulmate) decide to come closer to form a soul relationship, it is when we meet our soulmate in life. Such meeting may appear as pure coincidence at times. Other times may seem like the next logical step to blossom from friendship into romantic love. We begin to feel the true feelings of love, trust and acceptance coming from and to our hearts. And when we look into each other’s eyes, we ask: ‘Where have you been all my life? It seems I was waiting only for you…’

To my clients and all of you who are visiting my page, I wish you meeting your true soulmate now. And if you are already in a soul relationship with that someone special (romantic partner, child, friend) I wish you to growth and cherish your beautiful soul love.

— Alicja