A warm hello to you in a cold February Day!  I trust wherever you’re you are feeling safe, warm and cozy.

Very soon, we will have St. Valentine’s Day!  And depending on your romantic situation, you may anticipate its coming, be indifferent to it or fear it, fear to spend this day alone, without your romantic partner.

I have been in all of those situations, myself.  Happily in love, anticipating the day of St. Valentine’s with joy and love in my heart.  I’ve been there fearing it, after the tragic loss of my best friend and romantic soulmate, my husband, thinking how will pass it alone?  And, I’ve been on this day indifferent, or maybe not a 100% truly indifferent but trying to feel this way.  When I rationally knew that I will spend it without a romantic soulmate, yet not feeling bad about it either.

I believe that most of us, we truly want to feel LOVED, cherished, respected and being in romantic partnership.  But not all of us, are so lucky to have it in our lives.  Finding a wonderful, cherished romantic and, or life partner requires self love and some skills.  I believe that we all can learn them, it is the matter of time, learning, practising and never giving up on it.

There are 2 ladies, who help us to find true love and learn how to be a good romantic partner.  The first is Dr. Diana Kirschner, with her book and approach, called ‘ Love in 90 days’.  Here is a link to her website:  Love in 90 Days

Dr. Diana Kirschner talks about the concept of ‘diamond self’, how we must love ourselves first in order to truly be able to attract a quality LOVE into our life.  I called Love with a capital ‘L’, where we feel safe, cherished and adored.  Check out for yourself Dr. Diana’s website and her book, it is worth your time and attention.

Second great teacher on the subject of relationships is Allison Armstrong.  Allison takes the approach of teaching us about differences between men and women, and learning how to form true partnership.  I took Allison Armstrong courses, in person, when they were offered in Boston, MA and Los Angeles, flying many times from Toronto, Canada to U.S.A. to attend her seminars and courses.  Some of the courses I repeated twice, such as ‘Celebrating Men and Women’ and ‘Celebrating Men and Marriage’ weekend courses.  I love Allison’s work and can only highly recommend it to you, if you’re looking to have a quality of your relationship with all men in your life, at work, in romance, at home.  For men – vice versa – to have a great relationship with all women in your life.

To visit Allison’s website and participate in on line courses, please visit her website:  Allison Armstrong – creating loving partnerships and relationships

Where you will be this Valentine’s Day, make sure that you treat yourself KINDLY.  Take yourself for a nice walk, a lunch, buy some fresh flowers or a gift.  Be good to yourself!  Treat yourself as you would wish to be treated by your Beloved.  And if you get treat this one by your Romantic partner – great!  Yet, it will be an added bonus to your own self love and respect that you feel for yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

ps.  Let me know with photos or message, how it went for you.

xxxx Roza