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If you dream of a better, easier, happier life for you – an Intuitive session with me, may assist you in reaching for it, with more ease and help from your Angels.
How the session looks like? It can be done by either telephone, skype, email or in person. Usually it is a one-on-one session, just you and me ( and Your Angels). Inviting a your friend or loved one to a session with you (to do as a pair) is possible, yet not always recommended, so please ask me before the session, thank you. You are safe with your feelings and thoughts during the session, as it is private, compassionate and confidential.
During the session, I may use Angel and divination cards, do some drawing or writing for you, if feel inspired to do so.

Results are often visible even after the 1st session.

You might experience more inner peace, more joy. Feeling more safe and confident. Having more insight into what’s best for you. Some of your life problems may just naturally go away, as a result of a shift in your energy and the way you see things in your life.
Here, in clients’ own words, about intuitive sessions with me:  Testimonials

What’s the session is NOT about? It is not about guessing your future, or future people you may have questions about. It is not so much about asking about other people’s life and how to improve it, but about your own life, because I truly believe that you are the creator of your own reality and you can’t create in someone’s else life. Only in your own.

About me

I have been working with clients as an Intuitive professional, for 20+ years. My first intuitive sessions and life coaching was done for friends, while in elementary school, in Poland.

I would love to help you too ♥  You can book a session with me here.


Angel Intuitive or Life coaching session with Roza Alicja


Sessions are by appointment only.

Phone, Skype, in person sessions:

$60 for 60 minutes session
$30 for 30 minutes session
Email reading and consultation: $45 (3 questions)

Private & Corporate Parties or home visits

I’m available for private and corporate parties. Please contact me to schedule an event.
Parties (private & corporate) or home visits: $120 per hour

My services come with a full money-back guarantee. If after our session, you don’t feel I’ve delivered the value promised, let me know within 24 hours and I’ll process your refund.

Pay for your Intuitive Session:

After paying for your session, please schedule
your Intuitive Session with me on my Calendar:

My Qualifications

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