Intuition is also called our sixth sense, inner knowing or connection to our higher self.

It is subtle, but all knowing inner voice inside our heart or head telling us what to do, suggesting life choices.

Everyone has intuition, but not everyone chooses to use it, daily.  To live your life in alignment with your inner voice (intuition), requires you to:

  • be honest with yourself
  • spend some alone and quiet time every day, meditating, visualizing, reading journaling your thoughts and ideas on a piece of paper.  30 – 60 minutes is a good  beginner’s timing to do that.
  • paying attention to your emotions.  How do you feel with certain people, situations, places and objects in your life?  If you are feeling joy, peace, more energy, it is a good sign – they serve your higher good.  If you are feeling, restless, drained of energy, upset, or sad – something or someone here is not serving your higher good and it is time to look closer at it.

When 4 months ago, I started reading the book by Julia Cameron:  “The Artist’s Way”, I did one exercise prescribed in this book for creative people – daily journaling.  Julia calls it ‘3 morning pages’, which is journaling on 3 pages, by hand, your thoughts and ideas.  In the morning, first thing every morning.  The idea is to get in daily contact, via your own writing, with your inner self.

The results are amazing:  more clarity, more ideas showing up ‘unexpectedly’ on paper, seemingly coming out of your head, yet truly from your intuition.  Answers for your own life questions appear there.  Yes, on paper, as morning inspiration.

If you have never tried it before, I highly recommend that you do.  You might consider reading the whole book of Julia, especially if you are a creative person, or consider yourself to be one.  It helps!

Intuition to be used as your Friend, requires from you to give it your time and attention.  Journalling, mediating, or sitting quietly and daydreaming for as little as 30 minutes every day, will create miraculous results.   I’ve tried it, it works.  Try it for yourself, too.  It is worth it.  After all, nobody knows better than your and your higher self, what is best for your in this lifetime that this voice inside, connected with God, all that is, that we call Intuition.