You want to connect with your Angels and have Angel reading done.  How do you find a trustworthy Angel reader?

First:  Ask your Friends, if they of someone whom they can recommend to you.  The changes are that one or more of your friends had session before with an Angel card reader, and if the session was good and uplifting, they will happily refer you to their reader.

Second:  google.  When googling search for key words like ‘ Angel card reader’,  ‘Certified Angel card reader’.  Then visit their website…what feeling, first impression do you get – another words, how does it make you feel visiting their website?  Trust that feeling.

When you find an Angel Reader, ask him, her few pre-session questions:

  • How do I need to prepare for the Angel session?
  • Can I bring (email you) any information that may be relevant for the session? –  For example, bringing/ e-mailing a photograph of a person, Loved one alive or someone who did they passing to the non- phisical may help during the session.

Asking those easy pre-session questions, will give you additional feeling, information about the Angel reader.  Does s/he relates to you in a pleasant, kind manner?  Do you feel comfortable communicating with her?  – Always trust your instincts here.

For more information about what to expect from an Angel session, visit here.