How much I miss having my own flower shop!

I used to be the owner of a cute flower shop for 14 months!  I closed it during covid, in August 2020. At the time of closing my flower shop the flowers sales were down. There was a lot of uncertainty as to the floral business in the new future, at that time.  Customers did not buy flowers like before.  There were fewer weddings, no large birthday parties to celebrate, and funerals were limited by to 5 people attending them.  I didn’t know where it will go and I made a decision to close my flower shop.

I did not regret making my decision and I don’t regret it now.  Yet, I miss being creative with flowers!  Choosing my stock, colours and creating with them!

Today, I am making a plan to work as a flowers street vendor in Toronto.  I will go back to selling flowers on my own, on the street, and from my bike.  Stay tuned for further floral announcement here!

ps.  visit my floral page to see some of my work.


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photos:  first spring flowers in Crewkerne, Somerset England.