Angels are around us…
Do you believe in them?

We all have two Guardian Angels assigned to us, at the time of our birth. One of our Guardian Angels has its presence as more “dominant”.  It is easier to feel its presence. The other Angel is more in “the background”, so its energy is less noticable. They both take care of us during our physical time here, making sure we are guided and protected at all the time.  We can easily feel and hear our Angels’ loving guidance, by paying attention to our intuitive insights and inspiration, daily.


During the times of more stress or fear, in our lives, we can call upon Angels to receive their help and assistance, as needed. In those special times, even a hundred of Angels come to our aid, to be near us so we feel less afraid, more loved by Heaven.

The best way to meet our Guardian Angels and Angels of God and Light, is to ask them – to please show their presence to us.  We can ask for their Love and care, in whatever form it’s most appropriate at any given moment.

Angels love when we talk to them, asking for their protection.  Theaniolek z ksiezycemy always surely send their signs of their divine Love to us.

Please try today, after reading this post to do this:  quiet your mind. In your heart and mind, say the following words:

‘Dear Angels, can you please send me today, a sign of your Love to me?  So, I can better feel your presence in my life. Thank you.’

And then…see, hear and feel what’s happens…

To your Gods blessings…