From all the Angels and Archangels, the most powerful and fearless helper is Archangel Michael.  He appears with a sword, ready to fight evil.

In St. Michael Cathedral, in Toronto, Ontario Canada, there is a big oil paining of Archangel Michael, with his sword, stepping on a devil.  (devil loses the battle on the painting).

statue-400382_1920Archangel Michael offers courage and protection.  When called, he appears with an emerald green light…ready to protect.

I like to call Archangel Michael every single time I’m travelling, feel any fear, I’m starting a new joy (for courage), among people where I feel insecure (being a sensitive person, I do feel people’s energy so much, that someone times acting like an empath I feel their emotions too strongly.  I’m still learning how not to feel it so much when not needed).

An essential oil that reminds me of Archangel Michael is Sage.  Sage is an oil used for protection, including protection from negative energies.